Getting outdoors in winter

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Getting outdoors in winter

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Getting outdoors in winter

Winter can feel dark and gloomy, but it doesn’t have to be! Make the most of the opportunities to get outside when you can and explore the outdoors with your tamariki. Exploring the winter environment will help tamariki learn about the cycle of life through seasonal changes, and investigating the world around them will encourage them to expand their knowledge and problem solving skills.

Talk about the fun things to do outside in winter.

Ask them what kinds of things they like to do outside in winter, such as:

  • going for walks in the rain
  • playing in the mud
  • jumping in puddles
  • making snowmen
  • having a snowball fight.

Pick a day when you can dedicate spending some time outside with your tamariki.

Ask them what they think they need to wear when exploring the outdoors, for example:

  • gumboots and a raincoat
  • gloves and a warm hat if it is cold
  • a scarf and a thick jumper
  • thermal underwear and wooly socks.

Go for a nature walk to see what is different in winter. How many things can your tamariki spot that are new, unusual, or different?

When you get back, how do you get warmed up again? Do you:

  • have a fire going?
  • have a warm bath or shower?
  • snuggle up under a warm blanket on the couch?
  • have a warm drink, such as soup, milo or milk?

What else could you do together in the winter?

  • create a winter book of different things seen outside
  • take a visit to the snow
  • join a winter sports club.