An honour to be a part of their early life

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An honour to be a part of their early life

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An honour to be a part of their early life


In the heart of Levin where laughter and learning intertwine, Rachael Wildbore has found joy and fulfilment as a Barnardos Early Learning Home Based Educator. For over two and a half decades she has embraced the privilege of guiding tamariki and empowering them on their unique learning journeys.

"I have loved being a home based educator," says Rachael. "Working at home and having an environment where I can have child-led learning through play it is very rewarding and empowering as an educator to be part of the little ones growth and development."

Reflecting on her remarkable duration with Barnardos Early Learning, Rachael recalls the privilege of caring for over 80 children in her 27 years as a home based educator. "It's been such an honour to be a part of their early life. Children who were enrolled in my home based network have brought their own children through too. It's been great to see the care continue through the generations," says Rachael.

Beyond the day-to-day interactions, Rachael treasures the lasting connections she's formed with the families she's served. "You can certainly make great connections with families, and close relationships can remain even after the children leave care."

As a Barnardos Early Learning Home Based Educator, Rachael acknowledges the unwavering support she's received from her visiting teachers over the years. "I have had a lot of support and care over the years from my lovely visiting teachers. They are there any time to help me with my own development and growth so I can be the best educator I can be to support my beautiful children in my own home based environment."

Through her passion, dedication, and the support of Barnardos Early Learning, Rachael continues to shape young minds and foster meaningful connections that span generations.

Join Rachael and make a lasting impact! Want to find out more about becoming a Home Based Educator with Barnardos Early Learning? Take a look here for more information.