Jamie's Journey: Nurturing young minds

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Jamie's Journey: Nurturing young minds

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Jamie's Journey: Nurturing young minds


In the heart of Mount Roskill, Tāmaki Makaurau, Jamie Wong embarked on a journey that would span over three decades as a home based educator with Barnardos Early Learning.

Discovering her passion within the nurturing environment of Barnardos Early Learning, Jamie shaped young minds in the comfort of her own home. "I've been providing home based education to tamariki for 32 years, and I haven't looked back since because I love my job," says Jamie.

Reflecting on her journey, Jamie cherishes the memories of raising her own children alongside the little ones in her home based network. "My children grew up with all the kids in my network, and they loved it. Now, I have my grandson enrolled with me."

"There have been a lot of positive changes, and the Barnardos Early Learning Visiting Teachers are nice, friendly, and approachable. I've built great relationships with them, and they've been a great support system. They go above and beyond, and that's why I have lasted as long as I have," she laughs.

Fulfilment floods Jamie's heart as she witnesses the growth and development of the children under her care. "I love children, and I am so passionate about educating children under five in my home. They bring me and my family so much joy and laughter. It's amazing to see them grow and develop."

Extending her nurturing spirit beyond the children, Jamie values the relationships with parents and caregivers. "I always have great parents and caregivers who treasure me and love me as much as I love their child. I give what I get back. I am a great listener, and I put myself in others' shoes to ensure that their expectations are met," she says.

With dedication and empathy, Jamie believes in the transformative power of love and education. "You need a lot of energy, passion, and drive for children to be a home based educator. You need to be understanding, patient, and calm. If you love them, they will love you."

Barnardos Early Learning Home Based education provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children in a familiar home setting, with a maximum of four children. 

Want to find out more about becoming a Home Based Educator with Barnardos Early Learning? Take a look here for more information.