Support and growth in home based learning

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Support and growth in home based learning

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Support and growth in home based learning: finding your place to thrive


Imagine a nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore and learn at their own pace. This is the essence of home based early learning with Barnardos Early Learning, where educators like Angela Meta transform everyday moments into opportunities for growth.

Angela's journey to becoming a home based educator highlights the supportive network offered by Barnardos Early Learning Initially seeking childcare flexibility, she discovered a passion for nurturing young minds. However, finding the right environment was crucial.

"It took time," says Angela, "but then I remembered a wonderful educator at Barnardos Early Learning. Remembering her warmth and kindness, I called, and a true and honest voice greeted me – it was Debbie, the community coordinator."

Debbie's genuine kindness immediately put Angela at ease. This initial positive interaction set the tone for Angela's rewarding journey with Barnardos Early Learning.

"I just felt there was a sense of purpose, and that I found the right place for me. The supportive network is another highlight."

Julie, the visiting teacher, is a constant source of encouragement. "She not only reassures me that I'm doing well but also helps me develop as an educator," says Angela. "Whether it's personal development or learning about new play-based approaches, she's always there to guide me." 

Witnessing the learning development of the tamariki brings Angela joy. "There's a lot of perks about being a home based educator," she says. "I cherish the friendships I form with these amazing children. They are so unique and special, and telling them that every day is fulfilling."

Angela's story exemplifies the transformative power of a supportive environment.  Barnardos Early Learning fosters this environment through dedicated staff like Debbie and Julie, ensuring both the learning development of the tamariki and the professional growth of their educators.

Want to find out more about becoming a Home Based Educator with Barnardos Early Learning? Take a look here for more information.