From banking to early childhood education - meet Paridhi!

From banking to early childhood education - meet Paridhi!

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From banking to early childhood education - meet Paridhi!

Arriving in New Zealand 10 years ago on a student visa, Paridhi Bohra never imagined that she would be transitioning from a career in banking to becoming an early learning teacher. Today, she is the manager of Barnardos Early Learning Centre Te Rapa in Hamilton, where she has successfully transformed the centre into a place that feels like a true "extension of home" for both whānau and tamariki.

Paridhi, with nine years of teaching experience and a deep passion for her work, has discovered her true calling in early childhood education. By combining her background in business operations management with her love for children, Paridhi has been able to create a nurturing and supportive environment where families and children thrive.

Journey to early childhood education

Paridhi's journey in early childhood education began when she moved to Aotearoa to pursue her degree in Business Operations Management. However, her life took a positive turn when she stayed with her cousin, who was expecting their first baby.

"When my cousin's baby was due, we had to learn how to provide the best support for the child, and that's what ignited my inspiration to work in early childhood education. It sparked my interest in ensuring the best possible care for children," says Paridhi.

"I wanted to be a part of their growth and development, ensuring they have the brightest future. Transitioning from a family background in banking to the education sector was an eye-opening experience.”

Joining Barnardos Early Learning

Paridhi initially joined Barnardos Early Learning as a teacher, followed by a team leader and just months later, she secured her current position as the centre manager.

"I absolutely love being around children. I get to experience countless heartwarming moments with the tamariki and help set them up for life. Receiving their adorable drawings and paintings and expressing gratitude for their hard work brings me immense joy. You can see their faces light up when they are appreciated and acknowledged—it is truly rewarding," says Paridhi.

When asked what makes Te Rapa Centre unique, Paridhi explains, "We take pride in our commitment to healthy eating and nourishment. We have completely transformed the children's meals by incorporating more fresh ingredients and reducing salt and fat content. The first five years of a child's life are crucial for their mental and physical development which is why we strive to provide the best quality meals to help them thrive."

Paridhi's dedication to supporting families extends beyond the walls of the centre. She considers each family a part of her own, offering support and a listening ear whenever needed.

"I understand the challenges of first-time parenthood and the difficult moments that come with it. My door is always open for parents to come and talk to me. We aim to alleviate any stress they may be facing by listening and empowering whānau to lay a solid foundation for their tamariki."

Paridhi's commitment to supporting whānau and tamariki at Te Rapa Centre is evident in her unwavering dedication and passion. Under her guidance, the centre continues to provide a nurturing environment where children thrive and families feel supported every step of the way.

Barnardos Early Learning Te Rapa

Barnardos offers both home based and centre-based early learning services. With 22 centres and 120 home based educators across Aotearoa, Barnardos is deeply involved in supporting children's education. Te Rapa Centre is known for its close-knit community and strong relationships with families. Each tamaiti is unique, and personalised care is provided to meet their individual learning needs. Through regular communication and the use of Storypark, an online platform, families are actively engaged in their children's learning journeys. Open communication is encouraged, and the centre actively promotes a sense of belonging and support for all families.