New equipment for Barnardos

New equipment for Barnardos

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New equipment for Barnardos

Barnardos children now have a new way to spend their break time, thanks to a donation from the Kaikōura Op Shop. The community run group donated $11,000 to the early learning centre for new play equipment: a slide, bridge, monkey bars, climbing walls, and crash mats.

The centre held an afternoon tea on June 1 with the Op Shop staff to celebrate the new equipment.

The children demonstrated playing on the equipment that afternoon, before everyone went back inside for an afternoon tea.

Singing was held beginning with, at the children’s insistence, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Thank you cards were then given out by the children, along with a wrapped present.

The Barnardos Early Learning Centre is located at 50a Ludstone Road, accessed through the Kaikōura High School gate.

(Written by the Kaikōura Star)