Fees and Subsidies

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We are proudly not for profit.

At Barnardos Early Learning, we do all we can to make your child’s early learning years as affordable as possible, while maintaining the highest level of learning and care.

Early learning and childcare fees vary depending on a few factors including location, hours, age and number of children and govt subsidies available to you:

infographic of Fees calculation

More about fees

What do the fees include?

The fees cover the cost of providing the best quality early learning and care to your child. Our fees cover aspects such as:

  • learning resources and equipment
  • daily running costs required to provide excellent early learning and quality care
  • local outings

Your centre or home based service may also offer some the following aspects and we encourage you to chat with one of our Early Learning Advisors about whether these are included in your fees:

  • Meals and snacks,
  • nappies/creams,
  • extra excursions and outings.


More about subsidies

There are a range of subsidies available to NZ families to assist with the cost of childcare. 

Current subsidies available include:

  • Up to 20 hours of funded Early Childhood Education (ECE) if your child is 3+ years old – this isn’t means tested and is available to all families living in NZ.
  • Work and Income Childcare Subsidy – these payments vary depending on your family’s circumstances and you can check whether you qualify here.


How do I find out how much the fees will be for my child?

Speak to one of our Community Coordinators to find out how much your child’s Early Learning Service will cost.